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eBook – The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing

Free eBook – The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing.



eBook - The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing
eBook - The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing




eBook – The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing


When used correctly, email marketing can be the most effective strategy to ramp up your leads and sales. Recent studies have shown that emails offer a higher return on investment than any other strategy. According to Statista, for every dollar spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return.


That said, today we have the most valuable and comprehensive book you'll ever see on email marketing. This book can change the way you're doing business online. it reveals every secret to succeed in email marketing and sheds light on new approaches and strategies that can be a turning point for you and your business. 


This free eBook The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing focuses on the following:


  • Email Marketing From A – Z.
  • Email Marketing Types.
  • Know the customer's buying process.
  • Know how to set up your marketing platform.
  • Design email templates.
  • Know how to avoid the spam folder.
  • Build a rabid buyer email list.
  • Analyze your results and know what's working.
  • Optimize your campaigns to scale up your results and maximize your conversions.
  • And much more!





Table of Contents of The eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


 1. Why is Email Marketing Important to Your Marketing Plan?

1.1 The Story of Email Marketing: Evolution of Email Communications
1.2 The Benefits of Email Marketing
1.3 Email Marketing Versus Social Media
1.4 Email Marketing Case Studies: Improving Revenue with Email

 2. Email Marketing 101

2.1 Types of Email Marketing
2.1a Customer Acquisition and Sales Generating Email Marketing
2.1b Customer Loyalty and Brand Email Marketing
2.1c Customer Retention Email Marketing
2.1d Customer Winback Email Marketing
2.2 Newsletters vs. Direct Sales Emails
2.3 Auto Responders
2.4 CANSPAM and Email Privacy Laws to Be Aware Of
2.5 Email Marketing Glossary: Terms to Know Before You Get Started

3. Email and the Customer Life Cycle

3.1 What is a Customer Life Cycle?
3.2 Acquiring New Customers and Email Marketing
3.3 Email Communications Through the Active Customer Life Cycle
3.4 Retaining and Winning Back Customers
3.5 Getting to Know Your Customers Through Email

4. Setting Up Your Email Marketing Platform

4.1 Sending Email Internally vs. Using an Outsourced Email Provider
4.2 What Should Your Email Marketing Platform Do?
4.3 Choosing Your Email Marketing Platform Priorities
4.4 Testing Your Email Marketing Platform

5. Designing Your Email Template

5.1 What Makes an Email Template Successful?
5.2 Determining the Goal of Your Email Template
5.3 HTML versus Text Email
5.4 Legal Requirements in Email Templates
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
5.5 Using Personalization in Email Templates
5.6 Images: How Many & When to Use Them
5.7 Text: How Much to Use and What to Say
5.8 Links: How to Code Them, How to Phrase Them
5.9 Width and Height of Your Email Template
5.10 One Column or Two Columns? What Works Better?
5.11 Designing Your Email for Different Email Service Provider Platforms
5.12 Integrating Forwards, Social Media Sharing and Unsubscribe Information
5.13 Optimizing Your Email Call to Action
5.14 The Final Step: The Subject Line and From Address
5.15 Best Practices for Sales Conversion Emails
5.16 Best Practices for Driving Clicks to Page Impressions from Emails
5.17 Best Practices for Customer Winback & Retention Emails
5.18 Best Practices for Creating Content for Your Emails
5.19 Best Practices for Email Landing Pages
5.20 Best Practices for Auto Responders
5.21 10 Best Practices for Designing Your Email

6. Spam: How to Get into the Inbox Every Time

6.1 What is Spam?
6.2 What To Do to Avoid Being Flagged as Spam
6.3 A List of Common Spam Words
6.4 Special Spam Concerns for Auto Responders
6.5 What To Do If You’re Flagged by an Email Service Provider as Spam

7. Building Your Email List

7.1 Where Do You Find Email Subscribers?
7.2 Single Opt-In Versus Double Opt-In
7.3 Encouraging Existing Customers to Join Your Email List: Best Practices
7.4 Designing an Email Sign Up Box: Best Practices
7.5 Controlling Opt-Out and Unsubscribes Quest from Your Email List
7.6 Managing and Optimizing Users on an Auto Responder List
7.7 Managing Your List: How to Keep an Email List Healthy

8. Determining the Success of Your Email Marketing Campaign

8.1 What Are the Key Metrics That Determine Email Success?
8.2 Email Deliverability: Inbox Deliverability Rate Numbers and Their Meaning
8.3 Open Rate: Open Rate Numbers and Their Meaning
8.4 Click Through Rate: Click Through Rate Numbers and Their Meaning
8.5 Customer Sales, Site Activity or KPI Conversions from Email
8.6 Managing Metrics on an Auto Responder List
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
8.7 Sample Email Tracking Reports

9. Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign


9.1 How Do You Optimize Your Email Campaign?
9.2 List Segmentation
9.2a By Email Service Provider
9.2b By Customer Behavior
9.2c By Demographics
9.2d By User State
9.3 Email Tests
9.3a Graphics Test
9.3b Text and Copy Tests
9.3c Subject Line Tests
9.3d List Segment Tests
9.3e From Address Tests
9.3f Sending Time and Date Tests
9.3g Offer Tests
9.4 Testing Options for an Auto Responder List
9.5 Using the Testing Data that You Collect
9.6 Email Testing Best Practices


Appendix One: Multi Channel Marketing and Email Marketing
Appendix Two: B-to-B Email Marketing
Appendix Three: Email Marketing and Intracompany Communications
Appendix Four: Best Practices Summarized





Screenshots of The eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Table of Contents
The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Table of Contents


The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Screenshot
The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Screenshot

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Screenshot 2
The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Screenshot 2





Sample of The eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


" Why does email marketing present such a benefit over other more traditional forms of marketing? Why
would you invest the time and resources to develop an email marketing program at all? When compared
to other forms of marketing, email marketing presents a number of benefits to your company or business
that you should consider, including….
Reduced Time & Effort to Get Your Marketing Message to Consumers
Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a direct-to-consumer or direct
business-to-business campaign using one of the two most common offline direct marketing
communications techniques:
Print Postal Mailings: You’ll need to allow time for a designer to create the mailing, typically
through several lengthy revisions. Then you’ll need to allow time for the print mailing to be printed,
cut and, if necessary, stuffed into envelopes. There will be time while the marketing collateral is
being transported via the postal system and then time while you wait for the consumer to retrieve
it from the mail box.
Telesales Campaigns: In addition to having to construct a telesales script, you’ll have to wait the
time out while your sales agents dial through cycled call attempts to all of the sales leads or
customers on your target list.
With email marketing however, you can turn a marketing communications piece out in typically less than
two hours. Using recurring email templates, all you’ll need to do is approve the copy for the email and
any changes to graphics, use easy database list queries like those available in the Comm100 system to
decide whom to send to, and then just hit send. Weeks’ of work can be accomplished in just a few hours
and by a single employee. "




The content above is quoted from the ebook.





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Free eBook – The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing.





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