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Shortz Review 2024 + DEMO 🔥 - Create Viral Videos in Minutes!

Shortz Review 2024 + DEMO 🔥 - Create Viral Videos in Minutes!

Shortz Review 2024
Shortz Review 2024

Many people choose affiliate marketing as a way of making money online, and this is understandable. Because of its flexibility, I believe this field can be evolved and improved further in the future. I mean with every single day, we have a new way to reach customers and promote products. From blog posts to videos, affiliate marketing constantly demonstrates that you must change every day to be able to profit from this lucrative but overcrowded market.

Today, in this Shortz review 2024 I’m going to share with you a brand-new but guaranteed way to make some cash. Probably you are very familiar with micro-videos or short videos that are less than one minute. This is how TikTok wins in the market because of these short videos. So how will we take advantage of it?


This Shortz Review 2024 will talk about:

  • What is Shortz?
  • Shortz Overview.
  • Who is Shortz's creator?
  • How does Shortz work?
  • Shortz Demo 2024.
  • Shortz Features.
  • What can Shortz offer to you?
  • Is it a good decision to buy Shortz?
  • Who is the most suitable for Shortz?
  • Shortz advantages and disadvantages.
  • Shortz price, upsells and discounts.
  • Shortz frequently asked questions.
  • Shortz Final verdict/conclusion.

What is Shortz?

What is Shortz?
What is Shortz?

Shortz is a brand-new software that transforms you into a YouTube mercenary. Did you know that 122 million people are visiting YouTube every day? Well, you can think of this software as a loophole, a shortcut way to exploit and monetize this insane amount of traffic.

I have both good and bad news for you. BAD NEWS: By 2024, TikTok will have surpassed YouTube. GOOD NEWS: You can now profit as a result of this, and I'll tell you how.

In the United States, TikTok now has more users and watchers than YouTube. This is a major issue for YouTube. But we think of it as a big opportunity for us. Because of TikTok's popularity, YouTube just created "YouTube shorts." "Shorts" is a new YouTube feature that focuses on videos that are only a few seconds long. This is when things start to get interesting.

Rich W, creator of this software, signed onto YouTube and noticed that short videos were ranking for seven-figure keywords... overnight! I'm talking about 8-second videos that have gotten 750,000 views for no reason. Because YouTube's algorithm was changed to push these short videos to compete with TikTok, Rich had an idea as a "loophole" to profit from this algorithm and as a result, Rich made a lot of affiliate sales.

This loophole is brand-new that no one is aware of. And once he discovered how to take advantage of it he figured It's time to make it public now that it's been confirmed. As I mentioned above, there are 122 million visitors every day on YouTube, imagine getting a piece of these eyeballs without even making a video yourself. This is only possible because of this outstanding tool, Shortz.


Shortz Overview:

· Product: Shortz

· Niche: Affiliate Marketing Software

· Creator: Rich W

· Launch Date: Oct 2023

· Front-end Price: $23

· Bonuses: Huge Free Bonuses

· Official Website: Click Here

· Skills Level: All Levels

· Guarantee: 365-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

· Support: 24/7


Who is Shortz's Creator?

Shortz Creator
Shortz Creator

Rich W, the founder and creator of Shortz, along side with Chris and Vivek, have extensive experience as affiliate marketers and software developers, having completed many six-figure product launches and webinar promotions. They have cooperated with several well-known sellers on the market in recent years, releasing out-of-this-world products to assist marketers all over the world to grow their online businesses.

Commission Engine, AI Affiliate Bots 2, Auto Crusher, Affiliate Funnel Bots, and Affiliate Video Bots are examples of their products which have produced real results and helped many marketers to make their first buck online.


How does Shortz work?


STEP 1 – COPY: Copy the ready-made template created by AI on your niche and customize it however you want, whether the text or the background music.

STEP 2 – Trim: Keep the video under a minute long (the shorter the film, the more viral it'll spread!).

THE THIRD STEP - COMMISSIONS: Choose the affiliate program that fits your video's niche.

Final STEP - Download your short video and upload it on YouTube with your affiliate link and watch the views and the sales soar up like crazy!

The amazing thing is that the whole process is automated. The tool has a keyword research tool that tells you the search volume for each keyword, and you can use it for any niche you want to promote any affiliate program. PLUS, The video templates with the scripts incorporated have been created by 7-figure affiliate marketers with the assistance of AI making these templates so powerful and so professional.

And the whole process doesn't take so much time, you can create a viral short video in a matter of minutes. And you can upload a bunch of 'em and get paid over and over and over.

You'll never have to make a video from scratch with Shortz. There are no voiceovers or video editing. There's no need to write anything or conduct any SEO. Everything is done for you. Actually, all you have to do is download a video created by artificial intelligence. Then, put the link to which you want to send the traffic, and upload it back to YouTube. The rest is taken care of by this amazing software! It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Let me ask you a serious question. Do you have a phone or a computer, and can you log into YouTube? Then YES, this is something that can work for you. You can let the AI work its magic as long as you have a phone and a browser to run the program on. Then, whenever you need a cash injection, publish these short videos directly into the YouTube algorithm. You might be making money DOZENS of times every month with this lucrative strategy. That's exactly what Rich W is doing. And there are no monthly fees, costs, setup time, writing, or concerns about traffic. It's the kind of a winner card I wish I'd had when I first started.


Shortz Demo 2024:

Shortz Demo 2024
Shortz Demo 2024

After signing in, you'll be directed to the member area, and this is how it looks:


Start your video creation process by selecting a niche for your video:


Next, you have to select a keyword, fortunately, this amazing app comes with a keyword research tool that highlights the most trending keywords on YouTube with their search volume.


After you've chosen a keyword, things start to get more interesting. You'll begin creating your short video. Firstly, you'll choose a question. Many professional marketers start their video campaigns with a question that captures the viewer's attention and touches his/her pain points. You'll have a set of different templates to choose from, and you can customize and tweak the question however you want.


Next, select an answer, again, these are pre-made templates created by expert marketers with the assistance of AI, so they are really effective and professional, and you can customize them however you want.


Next, choose an affiliate program that fits your video's niche. The affiliate program you're promoting must address the problem mentioned at the beginning of the video and offer a clear solution for it.


After that, choose a backing song, you have a set of different background music to choose from.


Now hit Create Video.


Congratulations, now your part is done, relax and let the app do its magic and create your video in a matter of minutes, and you can download it and upload it back to YouTube and start earning.


It's a piece of cake, right? Still having trouble? Watch this video to clarify it even more.


Shortz Features:

With Shortz, there are so many features and benefits that I've highlighted a handful of them below:

· Shortz automates everything required to profit from this YouTube loophole on a daily basis.

· For 15 minutes of work, you can create a viral short video that can easily make you $100 per day.

· It doesn't require any technical experience, it's so easy to use.

· It doesn't require you to create a video from scratch, there are many ready-made templates made by experienced marketers and AI that can make your videos so powerful and professional.

· There is a keyword research tool that gives you the most trending keywords that YouTube viewers are using on any niche you want.

· It doesn't require you to write a script, record yourself in front of a camera, promote your video, optimize for SEO, or anything else!

· There's no need for a mailing list, a website, funnels, writing, sponsored ads, or anything else.

· You can choose any affiliate program you'd like to promote and base your video on it.

· The only thing you have to do is paste your affiliate link and let the software do the hard work for you!

· In fact, because this idea is so new, only a few marketers are doing it.



What can Shortz offer to you?

The creator of this software has discovered how the YouTube algorithm works and how to use it to his advantage and built this software to automate the process.

There are 122 million visiting YouTube daily, they are spending hours on this platform more than on TV. Thousands of business owners are spending fortunes to get a slice of this heavy traffic, but with Shortz, you can have an edge over them without spending a dime!

All you have to do is choose the niche and the affiliate program you want to promote and let Shortz handle the rest for you.

Shortz will provide you an immediate access to free training and case studies of the creator and the beta-testers have used to make commissions. They'll make sure that you use the tool the right way to make money from YouTube and other short-video platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


Is it a good decision to buy Shortz?


You will generate more revenue from short videos than from long boring regular ones. However, Short videos are more difficult to make, because you must ensure that the entire message is conveyed in less than one minute. Shortz can help you address that problem because there are pre-made templates to choose from, and all you have to do is pick a trending topic from YouTube and attach it with a related affiliate offer.

Indeed, today's viewers don't spend much time watching one video, so bear this in mind. When almost everything has been done for you — with the exception of a few little changes and customization here and there. The quantity of time you save and the reduction in your burden are two of the most significant advantages. Consider how long it'd take you to produce something similar.



In comparison to traditional ways, I'm confident you'll be able to effortlessly dominate YouTube using Shortz. As the name implies, this software will assist you in creating viral short videos with simple clicks. You know, TikTok is slowly but steadily gaining market share as its subscriber base grows, and its success is due to all of these short videos.

Therefore, YouTube is changing and adapting, They are pushing these short videos to compete with TikTok. So now is the time to change our old affiliate marketing style. We must ride the waves of these new YouTube algorithms to get the maximum clicks and sales possible.


Who is the most suitable for Shortz?

This app will play a critical role in the success of everybody who has worked in any internet business. You'll have a lucrative YouTube or TikTok account generating so much traffic without having to worry about content, hosting, or anything else. I think the following professions should be the first to purchase it:

· Any person who wants to get a passive and extra income.

· Affiliate marketers.

· Digital marketers.

· Bloggers, YouTubers.

· Freelancers.

· Newbies in online businesses.

· Small business owners.

· Anyone who spends a lot of time on social networks.

· Someone who doesn't have a lot of free time but wants to make money through affiliate marketing.



Shortz advantages and disadvantages:


· In 2024, you'll have an edge over thousands of affiliates with this brand-new software.

· This is a Proven-To-Work Method using a YouTube loophole that helped 12 beta testers make actual money.

· It Includes "$100 on day 1" case studies from beta testers.

· It's so easy to use. No prior experience is required.

· It's compatible with any device.

· With a one-time purchase, you'll get permanent access to the software. No annual subscription fees, no additional costs, nothing!

· You'll have a 365-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

· You'll have a free training with actual case studies, they'll make sure that you use the app the right way to get the most out of YouTube.

· It's a cloud-based app, so you don't have to install anything.

· In a matter of minutes, you can create viral short videos that actually work with simple clicks. No technical experience is required whatsoever.

· Free Expert assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

· The sooner you buy, the lower the price you'll get.

· 100% of the work is done for you by expert marketers and AI. You don't have to create videos yourself.

· There's no need to write a script, record yourself, do a voiceover, or look for background music. All of the hard work is done for you by pre-made templates in any niche to promote any affiliate program you want.

· There's no need for a website, a funnel, sponsored ads, SEO, or anything else.



· The price, although it's affordable, is going up. Last month was $17.

Shortz general price, upsells and discounts:


Shortz Price

Shortz Price and Discount
Shortz Price and Discount


· Brand-new Shortz Software.

· YouTube Buyer Traffic Forever.

· DFY Video Cutter Software.

· Preloaded $100/Day Campaigns by beta-testers.

· Preloaded Campaigns made by the creator.

· Additional Case Studies and Test Subject Data.

· 24/7 Expert support.

· All the hard work is done for you.

· Complete Lifetime Access.

· Step-by-Step Training.

· Discover The Exact Method That The Creator Use.

· 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Believe it or not, you can get all of these amazing features forever with only $23!

No annual subscription fees, no additional costs whatsoever!



SHORTZ Upsells

Shortz OTO 1 – Pro/Unlimited Edition – $39 XX (Discounted Price $27)

Create an unlimited number of Short videos and benefit from an unlimited number of affiliate networks and websites. Why earn money from a few videos when you can earn money from YouTube for the rest of your life?

Shortz OTO 2 – DFY Edition – $197 XX (Discounted Price: $97)

Allow their team to take care of everything. They'll set up your Shortz account with your affiliate link, create campaigns, and develop your channel.

Shortz OTO 3 – Unlimited Buyer Traffic Edition – $9.95

Increase the number of free clicks on your Shortz campaigns by blasting them out to their email list – and get 1000 views or more each day!

Shortz OTO 4 – 1 Hour Profit Edition – $27

Access even more affiliate campaigns, ensuring that you have the best possibility of generating revenue.

Shortz OTO 5 – Automation Edition – $197 X (Discounted Price: $77)

Get all of the software tools in one convenient package!


Shortz frequently asked questions:

Q. On what kind of device does this work?

A. The Shortz App can be used on any device, including phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. This is a browser-based app that you can use. So, all you want is an Internet connection to get started!

Q. Do I Need Any Technical Knowledge Or Experience To Get Started?

A. Not at all. They've put a lot of time and energy into making Shortz as simple to use as possible. If you have access to the internet and can open YouTube in your browser, then you have all the necessary qualifications.

Q. Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

A. Yes, you are covered by a 365-day money-back guarantee. When you join today, there is literally no risk. The Only Risk Is That You Will Pay More If You Join later because the price is going to be higher.

Q. What about ongoing expenses?

A. There are no out-of-pocket expenses! You don't need a website or paid ads with Shortz. Open a free YouTube account and you're ready to start and publish your campaigns.

Q. How Long Will It Take For Me To Start Making Money?

A. This is largely dependent on how quickly you activate anything within Shortz. Several users have benefited on the same day, and there are case studies on how to do it.

Q. Is there any discount to get the app?

A. To get Shortz now, click here right now to get it for the most discounted price.


Shortz Final verdict/conclusion.

To sum it up, Shortz is a cloud-based app with a brand-new idea targeting organic YouTube traffic with short videos.

You can create a viral short video on any niche to promote any affiliate product in a matter of minutes. The app provides ready-made templates made by expert marketers and AI, these templates are professional, engaging, and proven to work.

The app is included with free training, preloaded campaigns, and case studies to make sure to get the most out of this app.

There's no risk joining in since there's a 365-day money-back guarantee, so for me, it deserves to give it a shot.

Thank you for reading the Shortz Review 2024 and watching the Demo, I hope you've found it helpful.

For any question or inquiry, leave me a comment, I'd be more than glad to help.

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My best regards, Darryl.


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Shortz Review 2024 + DEMO 🔥 - Create Viral Videos in Minutes!

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