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eBook: Winning The Affiliate War (PDF)

 eBook: Winning The Affiliate War (PDF)

winning the affiliate war (PDF)
winning the affiliate war (PDF)

Although it isn't simple, the ongoing affiliate war can be won. Lazy affiliate marketers cannot and will not win in the affiliate war. However,  Aggressive strategists who are prepared to put in a lot of time and effort might prevail in the affiliate marketing battle.

If you had known how the competition is hard, you wouldn't have joined affiliate marketing in the first place? Well, it doesn't matter. Since you're in the middle of it, a true warrior would never consider quitting. The only way out is to win big time!

Table of Contents:

  • Affiliate Marketing - How Really Competitive It Is 
  • Offer Your Prospects Bonus Incentives 
  • Don't Cut Yourself Short With Offering Rebates! 
  • How To Win The Affiliate War 
  • Recommended Resources + Bonuses

Screenshots of the book:

winning the affiliate war screenshots
winning the affiliate war screenshots

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winning the affiliate war screenshots 2

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winning the affiliate war screenshots 3

Sample of The Book:

"When you watch a football game on TV, you can easily see how games are won or lost

in the battle that takes place on the line of scrimmage. Offensive plays are designed to

protect the quarterback and/or to open up holes in the defense so that yardage can be


Defensive plays are designed to sack the quarterback or close holes that would allow

yardage to be gained. Quarterbacks and coaches get the credit for wins and blame for

losses but the battle is won or lost in the trenches.

Affiliate marketing is a lot like a football game just without the bruises and sore muscles.

An affiliate marketer must design offensive plays and defensive plays that will put him in

a position to win the affiliate wars.

When you are one of many marketers who are trying to sell the very same product to the

very same consumers, you had better have a plan to get at least your fair share of the

market or more.

Every niche market on the Internet is highly competitive. If it isn’t competitive then there

can’t possibly be much of a customer base to sell to. That is just the nature of all Internet

marketing and in every niche.

Maybe you do have a long and impressive list of paid customers. That’s great! It means

you have already won several of the affiliate marketing contests and come out on top.

The problem is there are always those up and coming marketers who want your

customers on their lists.

Your list and your competitor’s lists may well contain many of the same names and email

addresses. Just having a list will not be enough to assure you of a victory when selling

an affiliate product. You have to design some offensive plays that will assure that your

customers buy from you and not from your competitors."

The Content above is quoted from the book.

Download The Book:

To download the ebook for free, please click here: Winning The Affiliate War PDF

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